What is Scalpa Academy? The cost? What is included in tuition?

Scalpa Academy is backed by the World’s Largest Scalp Micropigmentation Company, Scalp Aesthetics. Our affiliate program is available after online training and scalp micropigmentation education is complete, allowing you to leverage support from the Scalp Aesthetics brand. Scalpa Academy is an intuitive online learning scalp micropigmentation education program with a one on one learning format in a virtual setting which allows you to learn from anywhere in the world. The cost is $3,500 (usd) No travel expenses or deadlines lets you learn at your own pace. In the Scalpa Academy training kit you will receive: The Scalp Machine, power box, pedal, 6 ft. RCA Cord, several needles, several half grommet’s, inkwells, grips, inks, hairline ruler and a mannequin head. You will also receive access to our online portal.

Will I just be watching a video?
You will have access to our online portal which will provide you the theory of the scalp micropigmemtation education process along with training videos. You will also be working hands on with our trainer in a virtual way, one on one.
How Long will training last?
On average if you are to dedicate 2-4 hours a day to training, individuals can complete the Scalpa Academy scalp micropigmentation education program in 2-3 weeks.
Do I need to take one-on-one training?
No, you do not need to as our online training scalp micropigmentation education program is very intuitive. Many individuals around the globe have completed the online training program successfully and have become top technicians without taking one on one training.
Can I just take the one-on-one training?
You will need to successfully complete the online training program before continuing onto the one on one training program.
How Much is the one-on-one training?
One on One training is an additional $3000 after online training.
How long is the one-on-one training?
One on One training is 3-4 days depending on your schedule.
Where can I take Scalp Micropigmentation Training?
Our locations in the United States are: Rochester, New York and Scottsdale, Arizona and in Adelaide Australia and, South Australia.
What is your return policy?
All sales are final are there are no refunds. there is no need to give up.
How long will online training last?
On average if you are to dedicate 2-4 hours a day to scalp micropigmentation education training, individuals can complete the Scalpa Academy program in 2-3 weeks.
Do I get a certificate when I complete training?
You will become certified in the Scalp Aesthetics Scalp Micropigmentation Method and receive a certificate that is recognized globally once you have successfully completed training.
How do I become an affiliate of Scalp Aesthetics?
Following the completion of the Scalpa Academy, its easy to become an affiliate of Scalp Aesthetics.  Membership for affiliates work as follows: For $500 a month, you will be an exclusive affiliate of Scalp Aesthetics, clients will be directed to you from our corporate website as well as from our other marketing engines and Scalpa Kits are now only $100 per kit (inks, needles and grommets) per client.  You will be given access to Scalpa Global  for branded productsand images as well as to purchase Scalpa kits and supplies, enabling you to the genuine Scalp Aesthetics brand from your own licensed establishment.
What is included in Scalp Aesthetics affiliate program?
  • $500/month membership
  • No commission splits
  • $100 treatment kit per client
  • 1-year commitment
  • Your location, phone number, website and social media information will be accessible on our corporate site under locations.
  •  Our website receives 5000 daily visitors and with your information on the location page these clients will now reach out directly to you and not go through our call center putting you in full control and making these clients yours.
  • You will have access to the use of our logo, our name and other brand assets as well as our extensive photo and video library to sell the Scalp Aesthetics service
  • Treatment kits will only be $100, making 100% of the profits from the procedure go in your pocket
  •  A one-year Scalp Aesthetics affiliation agreement must be signed
What if I don't want to pay $500 per month?

We have a non affiliate program which includes:

  • No monthly membership
  • No commission split
  • $250 treatment kit per client
  • No commitment
  •  You and your location will not be on the Scalp Aesthetics website.
  • You will not have access to the Scalp Aesthetics branding assets.
  • You are able to purchase Scalp Aesthetics exclusive line of needles and inks for use on your clients for only $250 per client. This allows your client to know that you are using top of the line products on them, leaving them to feeling confident.
  • 100% of the profits you make are yours
  • There is no commitment.  Purchase treatment kits when you have clients.
What comes with the treatment kit?

A treatment kit comes with

  • 3 needles
  • 3 ink shades (Soft Coal, Average Level, Pronounced Ash)
  • 3 grommets

This will provide you enough product for one client.